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A grating noise, a quality of light, a tone... www.dameon.co.uk

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Join us in Mayfair for our Airbnb tour: Spies of London. Learn about real and fictional spies, visit their haunts and drink martinis in their bars. www.spiesoflondon.uk

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Thinking of volunteering in India or Africa? Why not visit www.slumaid.org?

We run all-inclusive, gourmet cooking holidays and weekend food & wine breaks in the glorious French Alps. www.holidaycookerycourses.com

EXCLUSIVE SICILY TOUR Max 12 in group. Book now www.italyetctours.com

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Backers sought for indie feature film with unique POV on home-grown terrorism. 07813 558381 www.imdb.com/name/nm4004605/

07813 558381

Tenacious family/defamation/human rights solicitor/barrister on pro-bono/no win no fee. Life changing consequences for mother and son. Desperate mother at rock bottom. Or 30-18-30 15880358 access legal services. Indebted thanks.

£6K of bad debt, earn minimum wage and baby on the way, please help! 07-44-56 12597352

Man needing extensive dental work after severe domestic violence. Help me get life back (Barclays 20-12-80 73973336)

Ambitious, sociable London chamber choir seeks basses with decent sight reading. collegiumchoir.com/join-us/

Disabled Mature law Student, out of options 2continue, debts £30k any help please? TSB 30-59-26 34521160

Novelist (literary fiction, renowned publisher) with university fellowship (2-yr post) seeks accommodation near Hampstead Heath. Could offer tutoring/ mentoring (Eng Lit/Creative Writing) in return for reduced rent. novelistacademic@gmail.com

We writers love cats, why don't landlords? Earl the cat and I need a cottage, gnome house or Cameron Hut to rent by July 3rd. Sussex preferred; anywhere considered. Nothing to rent? Then please contribute to our fighting fund to buy a Wikkelhouse.

Please help a struggling artist in great need. 30-96-91 07584052

Re-locating North to South, facing horrifying house prices we are struggling to meet. Need help to get toe on housing ladder. Humbly grateful for assistance. 40-12-30 31659057

Prolific songwriter musician needs patron. Google: rolg3 (select “Videos”) rolg3@hotmail.com

Eye Love

Dating 4 Grown-Ups Private client consultations & dating introductions for the over-40s with no upper age limit. Please contact David, who is 'Matchmaker Extraordinary'. London/South East & East Anglia. 01728 635064 or 07986 213120 www.dating4grownups.co.uk

Westminster bubble? Left-leaning, comely woman, youthful 59, Remainer, seeks similar aged, kind, unattached man with whom to eat, drink and be merry. Interest in politics, travel, literature a plus. autumn.sun@outlook.com

Lonely expat seeks kind-hearted expatee who enjoys playing tennis and vacationing in Moldova. moldova@pidmail.com

Our Client is a very interesting and intelligent woman in her 60's living in London. Retired she enjoys her passion for the Arts, especially literature and classical music. She would love to meet a like-minded woman to share her life with and is open to meeting someone either in London or abroad. Contact Bloom and Cadogan 0203 008 6388 or email suzanne@bloomandcadogan.com

Eye Law

Yes, you can now come direct to a Barrister. Ring 020 7833 9625 or 07850 629 298 counsel@arnheim-law.com

07850 629 298

Tenacious Law Firm solves all legal problems - 020 7792 5649 info@selachii.co.uk

020 7792 5649

HAVE YOU BEEN LET DOWN BY YOUR SOLICITORS OR ARE YOU INVOLVED IN A DISPUTE? Then contact Bloomsbury Law, specializing in all aspects of Litigation, Tax Disputes, Employment, Family Law, Negligence, and Property Disputes. www.bloomsbury-law.com, 020 7998 7777. No Legal Aid.

020 7998 7777

Divorcing? Specialist family barrister. Direct Public Access: pre-agreed rates save money. suzannah.cotterill@fieldcourt.co.uk 07931 696670

Mediation? Experienced team design bespoke civil, commercial and family confidential mediation. www.cadoganmediation.com

Eye Buy & sell

FRONT BENCH, BACK BENCH. No matter where you sit, with Richer Sounds you get the best view in the house! TV, projectors, home cinema, hi-fi and more, all at the lowest prices guaranteed. Call 0333 900 0094 for your nearest store or check out www.richersounds.com and experience better today...

0333 900 0094

Thinking Twats’ T-shirts Torso-enhancing t-shirts from: www.thinkingtwatstshirts.co.uk

OLD CARS – Cash paid NATIONWIDE. Condition unimportant. Also valuation services. Tel: John 07375 318588 villiers.classics@outlook.com

AWARD-WINNING DECAFFEINATED COFFEES 10% off code: EYE www.decadentdecaf.com

Bank Swaps Misselling - "The Whole Truth" - book explains what regulators hide. £15inc p&p. www.bankirsa.com

Read "Whats Up With British Politics" on ibooks. 90 pages of 'the man on the streets' thoughts for £1.98

DX1 Wisdom of Roots. New ep available on Bandcamp. And all other major download sites.

PE 279 (8/72) - 1441, 32 gaps, for disposal. Call 07799 078846

VAINGLORIOUSUK.COM - a splendid selection of interesting music for the discerning listener.

Carbolic Smoke Ball Co. Quirky presents for lawyers. Stuff you won’t find anywhere else. www.carbolicsmokeball.com

Eye Services

Want to raise your profile? Speaking engagements, TV news appearances? www.ceo-pr.com

Been Scammed? A Victim of Crime? Contact Carlton Huxley Ltd Legal & Law Enforcement Consultants. Evidence Gathering for Criminal & Civil Litigation. Tel 020 3239 5076 contact@carltonhuxley.com www.carltonhuxley.com

Blacksmithing inspirational weekend beginners' courses, Surrey. Marvellous birthday present! www.blacksmithing-school.co.uk

Senior executive CV writing & career services www.seniorcvwriter.com info@seniorcvwriter.com 07772 101364

07772 101364

Publicity for your book. Top publicity for your book or eBook to all press, book reviewers, Radio/TV book shows, online and book bloggers. Just £195. www.prforbooks.co.uk 020 7692 0707

020 7692 0707

Find Anybody. Investigation Worldwide. Intelligence Evidence Risk. 07773 788389 Email: jamesblackesq@gmail.com www.jamesblackesq.com www.linkedin.com/in/jamesblackesq

07773 788389

Daren't Google Yourself? Get rid of bad search results. Fast, fixed fee cleanup. www.online-reputation.repair

Speech looming? Relax, I'll write it for you. Don't waste time worrying. Lawrence 020 8245 8999 www.greatspeechwriting.co.uk

020 8245 8999

WORRIED ABOUT BEING AN EXECUTOR? We can relieve you of the burden, and give you all the help you want: whether it’s just obtaining the grant of probate for you, or dealing with the whole process all the way through to production of final estate accounts. We are Probaters. Call 0845 034 7344 or check our website www.probaters.com

0845 034 7344

HENRY HERBERT TAILORS. Bespoke Suitmakers. Made in England. Visit us: WC1R 4RG. www.henryherbert.com 020 7837 1452

020 7837 1452

Secure Business and Private Mail Boxes with mail forwarding. myofficelimited@gmail.com


Writing a book? Get expert support and guidance from writebetter.co.uk. Contact frankjburton@gmail.com.

07763 680048

LIE DETECTOR TESTING - £499 INCLUDING VAT & PRIVATE INVESTIGATION SERVICES. 100% Legal. Confidential. Discreet.Contact LocalPI on 0800 294 8556 www.localpi.co.uk Email mail@localpi.co.uk

0800 294 8556

BOLLOX TO BREXIT! Join the resistance and stick it to them. Visit www.bolloxtobrexit.com to claim your FREE stickers.

Want to write a book? Professional Sunday Times best-selling ghostwriter available. Email: contactshannonkyle@gmail.com www.shannonkyle.co.uk

Company IT troubling you? Worried you're wasting money? Want the Best? Use an Experienced Troubleshooter Raph Cohn linkedin.com/in/raphcohn 07590 675 756

07590 675 756

BOOKFINDING SERVICE All subjects. Also CDs/DVDs. Books posted overseas. Visa/MC welcome. Barlow Moor Books 0161 434 5073 books@barlowmoorbooks.co.uk

Leadership judgement online assessment and comprehensive report: £70, then optional online development programme: £199. yvonne@mlcp.co.uk