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Eye Art

Like the tube map? Like football? The history of over 25 football and rugby teams on a tube map. Decade by decade, a highly informative, attractive, clean piece of art. www.tubeart.co.uk

Beautiful signed Lowry limited edition prints at lowryprints.net

VINTAGE MENU ART 1813-1974 Beautiful archival prints. Vintage Menu Revival at: lovemenuart.co.uk

A grating noise, a quality of light, a tone... www.dameon.co.uk

The Belvedere Quartet by Timothy Plant is now complete. Check details here: www.timanaplant.com/books

The Saturday Gallery Fine art and decorative prints for sale online. www.saturdaygalleryart.com

'71:72:73': New paintings by Sam Dargan at Rokeby until 15th December. www.rokebygallery.com

Eye Event
Eye Travel

Walk Brittany's coast path unencumbered. Portage, support and accommodation. www.sanssacados.fr

0033 297804029

Gentleman, 73, seeks enterprising, intelligent lady for independent travel in Morocco. For a wonderful holiday and friendship.

Eye Theatre
Eye Property

Georgian live/work property in Hastings. Freehold, 5 floors, parking. Escape London, embrace seagulls. £550k. tim@mkmd.co.uk

Eye Need

£90,000 desperately needed for life saving operation for girl with EDS. Please donate via www.justgiving.com/campaigns/charity/just4children/helpingylenalucy

Hard working (now redundant) PAYE delivery driver needs help with purchase of van to start own business. Embarrassed to ask but... 11-00-01 04039501

Prodigal son must clear £30k debt before seeking ordination. 15-80-00 11623118. Prayers assured.

Please help two brothers on the autistic spectrum have a nice time this year. Thank you. 11-09-29 00755638

Dog rescue needs to clear £8k kennel bill. Illness forcing closure. Please see www.rescuegermanshepherd.co.uk

Eye Love

Dating 4 Grown-Ups Private client consultations & dating introductions for the over-40s with no upper age limit. Please contact David, who is 'Matchmaker Extraordinary'. London/South East & East Anglia. 01728 635064 or 07986 213120 www.dating4grownups.co.uk

Eye Law

Yes, you can now come direct to a Barrister. Ring 020 7833 9625 or 07850 629 298 counsel@arnheim-law.com

07850 629 298

Tenacious Law Firm solves all legal problems - 020 7792 5649 info@selachii.co.uk

020 7792 5649

HAVE YOU BEEN LET DOWN BY YOUR SOLICITORS OR ARE YOU INVOLVED IN A DISPUTE? Then contact Bloomsbury Law, specializing in all aspects of Litigation, Tax Disputes, Employment, Family Law, Negligence, and Property Disputes. www.bloomsbury-law.com, 020 7998 7777. No Legal Aid.

020 7998 7777

Meade King Solicitors Specialists In Professional Negligence And Inheritance Claims. For A No Obligation Appraisal By Expert Solicitors, Call 0207 129 7445 or email gen@meadeking.co.uk

0207 129 7445

Buy Breaking Law, the perfect Xmas read for lawyers, litigants and vigilant consumers "The legal book of the year, if not the decade" says Professor Dominic Regan. 20% OFF for Eye readers - use code XBL17 at bathpublishing.com or call 01225 577810

Lawyer wanted with expertise in negotiating foreign debt in UK. ThomE72@yahoo.com 07379 364718

City solicitors-advocates. Top quality expertise, personal service at realistic rates in employment law, tribunals, all civil disputes and litigation, immigration, serving businesses and individuals. kuldeep@sterlinglawyers.co.uk 07484 614090

07484 614090
Eye Buy & sell

Thinking Twats' T-shirts Torso-enhancing t-shirts from: www.thinkingtwatstshirts.co.uk

FRONT BENCH, BACK BENCH. No matter where you sit, with Richer Sounds you get the best view in the house! TV, projectors, home cinema, hi-fi and more, all at the lowest prices guaranteed. Call 0333 900 0094 for your nearest store or check out www.richersounds.com and experience better today...

0333 900 0094

AWARD-WINNING DECAFFEINATED COFFEES. 10% off code: EYE www.decadentdecaf.com

PERFECT GIFT FOR WINE SNOBS OR ANYONE YOU DISLIKE: Grape Spunk - Wine Memoirs 2015. Over 90 Superbly Satirical Fictitious Fermentations. Available on Amazon.com Wizard@whippetdigest.com www.WhippetDigest.com

A PROBLEM SHARED IS A PROBLEM HALVED: Mein Trumpet - Volume 1. Brigadier Coleman Straightjacket - Trumpet III offers advice on a variety of problems including terrorism, transgender toilets, gun control, fox hunting, drugs, immigration and many more. Available on Amazon.com Wizard@whippetdigest.com www.WhippetDigest.com

Bolox watches are back. Search Bolox on Ebay.

OLD CARS - Cash paid NATIONWIDE. Condition unimportant. Also valuation services. Tel John 07375 318588 Email: sales@villiersclassics.com

07375 318588

Automata, Desktoys, Whirligigs. Mardy old Crow returns. Try us at 51sparrows.com

GIVE THE GIFT OF LANGUAGE with the bilingual English/French Camille books at www.stella-publishing.com

Eyes 1971 to date complete. Good condition, bagged. Offers to 45yearsofeyes@gmail.com

Strong and stable? Try strong and fair! Wake up to UK’s strongest coffee. 100% ethical. www.sonsofamazon.com

ROLEX WATCHES on offer at great sale prices. Visit: https://bestluxurywatches.co.uk

PRIVATE EYE ISSUES 280 - 1450 (1972 - 2017) 1165 copies. Offers £. plindars@gmail.com

No more broken dreams Try before you buy books at www.merlinsmallbone.shop Paperback and electronic.

EYE COLLECTION 2000 to 2016 complete. £300 + £70 p&p. colm@pippinthecat.com

JOKER FACE - If you like comedy, you'll love this book! Featuring one-liners, fun facts, and portraits of over 500 of Britain's best-loved comedians. www.jokerface.info

"Carry on BBQing" by "BBQ Ben" Bartlett. £5.99 from Amazon. Great Stocking Filler!

Wanted. Bassett-Lowke Railway or Ship Items. Northampton Collector. Immediate Cash. Telephone 01604 415390

01604 415390

Everyone is reading the Savage Poodle by Richard Barr. Make sure you get your copy or put it in the Christmas stocking of your favourite lawyer www.ark-group.com/savagepoodle

60s/70s VINYL AND MEMORABILIA. Rock/Psychedelic/blues/posters/flyers purchased. Eye-watering prices paid. Est. 1975. Single items or whole collections. For friendly advice call Malcolm 01843 846672 Email m.galloway27@btinternet.com

Eye Services

Want to raise your profile? Speaking engagements, TV news appearances? www.ceo-pr.com

Been Scammed? A Victim of Crime? Contact Carlton Huxley Ltd Legal & Law Enforcement Consultants. Evidence Gathering for Criminal & Civil Litigation. Tel 020 3239 5076 contact@carltonhuxley.com www.carltonhuxley.com

Blacksmithing inspirational weekend beginners' courses, Surrey. Marvellous birthday present! www.blacksmithing-school.co.uk

Publicity for your book. Top publicity for your book or eBook to all press, book reviewers, Radio/TV book shows, online and book bloggers. Just £195. www.prforbooks.co.uk 020 7692 0707

020 7692 0707

WORRIED ABOUT BEING AN EXECUTOR? We can relieve you of the burden, and give you all the help you want: whether it's just obtaining the grant of probate for you, or dealing with the whole process all the way through to production of final estate accounts. We are Probaters. Call 0845 034 7344 or check our website www.probaters.com

0845 034 7344

Senior executive CV writing & career services www.seniorcvwriter.com info@seniorcvwriter.com 07772 101364

07772 101364

Find Anybody. Investigation Worldwide. Intelligence Evidence Risk. 07773 788389 Email: jamesblackesq@gmail.com www.jamesblackesq.com www.linkedin.com/in/jamesblackesq

07773 788389

Daren't Google Yourself? Get rid of bad search results. Fast, fixed fee cleanup. www.online-reputation.repair

Speech looming? Relax, I'll write it for you. Don't waste time worrying. Lawrence 020 8245 8999 www.greatspeechwriting.co.uk

020 8245 8999

HENRY HERBERT TAILORS. Bespoke Suitmakers. Made in England. Visit us: WC1R 4RG. www.henryherbert.com 020 7837 1452

020 7837 1452

Bollox to Brexit! Join the resistance. FREE protest stickers from www.bolloxtobrexit.com

EARLS & PEARLS World-class platonic introduction agency for busy, discerning and/or high-profile individuals. Offering a bespoke way to increase your social circle and a unique alternative to clubs & classes. www.earlsandpearls.com

Build a topbar beehive. Enjoyable 1-day workshop. Great present. www.jimthebee.co.uk

Lost money trading: FX, CfDs, wine? Contact Fxbrokercashback.com. Confidential and efficient service. enquiries@fxbrokercashback.com 0207 648 5084

Learn To Ski Powder Easily. The Perfect Gift. Go to: skimckay.com/pow